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Sporting events are plentiful in Lubbock, Whether local or from out of town, take in a sporting event at a local high school or Texas Tech University. Let Limousines of Lubbock transport you and your guests to the event without worries of where to park or leaving the game early to avoid traffic. Our couteous and experienced chauffeurs will transport you from your door or the airport to the front gate of the event.

Taking in a concert - Limousines of Lubbock will take you from door to door and home again without a worry.

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Musical Concert
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We had the opportunity and privilege to donate our services to
enrich the Holiday experience to the residents at Children's
Hope of Lubbock. They started off with a free meal provided
by McDonald's at 82nd and Slide and then 2 hours of Holiday Lights. The children enjoyed the whole evening.


Book your limo for a family Holiday Light Tour!!

GRUB Appreciation Day - South Plains Food Bank

North Ridge 100 Club Rides In Style

On Tuesday, January 20, a group of North Ridge Elementary students got to travel in style with a limo ride around
Lubbock, provided by Limousines of Lubbock, while they enjoyed pizza. These students were recognized by teachers
for various acts of kindness, going above and beyond or their efforts in the classroom. When a child is recognized
by staff, they go to the office and draw a number to put their name on the “100 Club” board. Once the board hits a
“Bingo”, those friends earn something for all they have done. Parents are also notified when a child is called to the
office as a way to add to the celebration. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding efforts!

Music Video shot in our Black Hummer.



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