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Modeling Portfolios

Alert: There is a "Modeling Agency" charging $1500 to get you into modeling. If a
"Modeling Agency" charges you, they are charging for photos. An agency should not
charge a fee to you because they make money when they sign you with a magazine,
layout, or show. Do NOT pay a "Modeling Agency" to get you a job.

For $1500 - we will take photos of you for 6 hours with many locations, provide you with a
disc of all edited photos with a copyright release and even design and print 100 comp cards
for you to mail to big modeling agencies in New York, L.A., etc.

You get what you pay for!!

We do Modeling Portfolios - You may not have the Abercrombie look, but you look good to someone.  Why not have a professional portfolio done. A portfolio consists of different poses in different outfits and different environments.

Every so often, we run across someone that has "the look" that we want to feature on our web site and in our portfolio of samples. If you have "the look" we will make a special deal or sometimes even do the work for free. Either e-mail us at the links below or send us a photo and we will determine if you fall into this category.

TFP (Trade for Photos) and TFCD (Trade for CD) is available for a few people. Otherwise our fees are outlined to the right.

For information on Modeling Portfolios you may want to print out the information located at (Information for New Models). This information will provide you with information on clothing choices, types of photos available and other important information.

We are not an agency to place models, but we can produce the photos needed for a portfolio.

We like to work with polite, energetic, good looking, and cooperative people. Experience is not necessary but helpful in creating a look that is complimentary to your personality.

Modeling Portfolios Pricing
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The following documents will give valuable information on starting a modeling portfolio.
Modeling Release Form
Information for New Models


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